Innovation in Business

You always had a sense for doing business? You understand customer needs? You can bring business model and sustainability together? Then Innovation in Business is for you! Here you can choose to work on a project to promote a business idea that solves problems in the target municipalities. Learn from the experiences from your team members and work together to create something sustainable.

Community Engagement

The community is a vital part of everybody’s life. It determines the way we behave, what we value and how we react to one another and other phenomena. Thus, community engagement becomes ever more important. Combining data, technology and creativity you can create a project to engage the community in meaningful ways to promote its well being and promote the exchange of ideas and bridge the gap between authorities and civic organizations and/or people.

Innovation in Education

Technology has enabled a revolution in education all over the world. Connectivity, high-tech devices and software solutions make it possible to learn new things and acquire new skills no matter where you are. The time of boundless life-long-learning has broken in and you can help expand its reach to your community. Become a ChangeMaker and help solve problems in the educational sector and make a lasting impact on the lives of countless people who strive to learn new skills to make the World a better place.

Innovation in Culture & Tourism

Creative minds create and so can you. These themes summaries all possible projects related to innovation in culture and tourism. This means that you can solve problems related to culture and tourism by bringing together your creativity, teamwork and expertise from your field expert to solve a problem that bugged you in the past or might bug you in the future. Be creative, research best practices and decide what could work in the field.

Public Services

You are dissatisfied with the way public services are offered? You think they are out of touch with today’s technological explosion? You have ideas of how to bring data and tech together to make the delivery of public services more efficient, transparent and effective then you found your theme. Help your team build a solution to a problem in public service delivery ranging from garbage collection to health service delivery. The challenges in your local communities are endless, but so are the opportunities to solve them. Do you have what it takes?