NGO: Germin (

Position: Local facilitator

Project: Diaspora School in Kosovo  2017

Application Deadline: 06 June 2018

Preferable starting Date: 11 June 2018

Background: Germin ( is a non-governmental organization that uses technology and virtual channels to connect and engage Diaspora in advancing the development and democratization of their home countries. We leverage Diaspora skills, knowledge and networks in our programing. We strive to explore and bring ICT channels to better facilitate and strengthen linkages between diaspora, citizens, and governments in Western Balkans.

The organization has founded and managed the Kosovo Diaspora Initiative (, a crowd sourcing digital engagement and diplomacy platform that connect Kosovars abroad and leverages their networks and skills to contribute to the home country.  

We are looking for someone that has proven project management, critical thinking and analytical skills, technology for development experience, digital community engagement, and demonstrated examples of translating reports, insights and data into meaningful analysis. This position will have a duration of 5 days of work during the June 2018. The qualified candidate must have strong attention to detail, follow the participatory and design thinking approaches to building projects, and the ability to assure work deliverables are of the highest quality. Additionally, this candidate will help Germin to create the strategy for the Diaspora School in Kosovo, whereby individuals from different professional backgrounds will come together to design a solution to a specific problem facing two local communities in Kosovo, and compete with each other for the most feasible idea.


Tasks and Responsibility:

The facilitator will be working directly in the following activities throughout his/her tenure at Germin:

  • Develop a workshop methodology and materials in conjunction with Germin (DSK) Program Manager;  
  • Design and prepare innovative participatory methodologies, including mind maps and matrix maps activities emphasizing discussion and focusing on building upon the programs existing strength;
  • Development of the Strategic Plan through a 3-day workshop with Germin team to determine the following main sections:
    • SWOT analysis;
    • Organizational structure for DSK project;
    • Visibility and fundraising strategy;
    • Partnership and communication strategy. The aim is to have a Strategic Plan in  place, containing concrete proposals for the above mentioned topics.
  • Scenario planning in the strategic planning process
  • Facilitation of the Strategic Planning workshop
  • Compilation of workshop report and strategic plan document



  • Workshop Plan and Activities;
  • Workshop Report
  • Strategic Planning Framework
  • Draft Strategy to be commented by Germin and other stakeholders
  • Final Strategy for Diaspora School Model
  • Action Plan Working Papers
  • Draft Strategic Plan
  • Implementation Action Plan (IAP)
  • Final Strategic Plan


Qualifications and experience sought:

  • University degree in public policy, marketing, economic development, health policy, software development and data management systems, or an area that is related to the project objectives;
  • Effective writing and communication skills in Albanian and English is required;
  • Work experience as facilitator and stakeholder engagement for at least three (3) years;


All interested candidates should send their CV via email at latest by 06 June 2018. When sending the application, please add the subject line: FACILITATOR. Only applicants that are shortlisted will be notified for an interview.